PPBC Membership

 Pecos Pickleball Club and Pecos Community Center Membership

The following is to differentiate between membership in the Pecos Pickleball Club and membership at the Pecos Community Center (Pecos CC).

Everyone who takes part in any activity, including pickleball, at the Pecos CC is required to pay an annual fee, which is currently $20 for Phoenix residents and $40 for non-residents.

Membership in the Pecos Pickleball Club is separate and costs $25/year. The Club is a 501(c)(7) non-profit corporation.  For a list of the officers see the “Officers” tab.

The benefits of membership in the Pecos Pickleball Club are as follows:

  1. Participation in all social activities organized by the Club. Those social activities normally include, at a minimum, a fall season kick-off event, a winter holiday related event, and a spring party.
  2. Financial payments for costs associated with Club participation in inter-league tournaments and purchase of trophies, food, etc.
  3. Subsidization of fees for participation by members in sanctioned tournaments in an amount no greater than annual membership fees.
  4. Participation in Club supported and/or sponsored events such a pickleball youth clinics, pickleball demonstrations/clinics, and inter-league tournaments (at the Pecos CC) and pickleball training and education sessions outside of the Pecos CC.
  5. Communication and news distributed by Club members via hard-copy and on-line.
  6. By being a member, you add your voice and financial support to others who are advocating for a change in pickleball facilities.

To join the Pecos Pickleball Club, please Click HERE.

The Pecos Pickleball Club differs from most of the other local pickleball organizations in that we don’t have “ownership” of our playing venue. The members of most other nearby pickleball clubs are also members of HOAs, which funded the original facilities and help pay for maintenance and improvements to those facilities. Membership dues for members of those pickleball clubs can be used, if necessary, to contribute towards facility maintenance and improvements.

Because activities at the Pecos Community Center are open to the public,  pickleball activities cannot be restricted to participation by Club members only. That being said, since adopting the Pecos CC as our official venue in June of 2013, we’ve enjoyed a very good relationship with the local staff and we anticipate developing a partnering relationship with the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department towards the continued growth of pickleball regionally. 

Pecos Pickleball Club



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