July – 2015

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  1. As far is whether someone is in the kitchen or not, (as a ref) I would call that player in the kitchen. Sure your show most likely curls up, but when you are wearing it, it doesn’t. If the ref is calling kitchen faults he or she cannot see whether the toe is curling up or not, he or she would call it a fault. Although your example is right, again it is unlikely as your entire foot causes your show to be more flat on the bottom. you can have the same argument for a serve, but I believe your example only misleads players. respectfully, Steve Manolis

  2. I meant shoe, not show…anyway I also have to dispute the discussion on the line call of balls. The lines are actually 2 inches wide, so a ball can be 1 inch off center and still be in. Balls can’t be probably ‘in’ or probably ‘out’ In your example you stated that if someone says “I think …….”that statement automatically cast doubt and doubt always benefits the opposing team. In other words you can’t think or wonder…you need to play the ball or call it out.

    Sorry but these are bad examples in my opinion. steve manolis

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